Naturao is Also A

Family Owned & Operated Organic Aronia Berry Farm

An Organic Aronia Berry Farm in the Finger Lakes Region of New York

About Naturao Farm

Located in the Finger Lakes Region, in the small town of Warners, New York, Naturao has found the perfect environment to grow Aronia berries. The cold winters, hot summers, and damp falls make for perfect growing weather.

In 2017, The Ramstad Family set out upon the crazy journey to start an organic farm from scratch to bring Organic Aronia Berries – and their absolutely amazing Natural Antioxidants to you!  They spent years researching and learning about the Aronia Berry and wanted to bring something totally new and different to the public!

Check out some of the photos below to see some of the journey – from Naturao Farm as an empty field all the way through to where it is today and also to learn a bit more about the family behind Naturao!




Aronia Berry Plants


First Plants Planted


Family. Owned & Operated

Peggy Ramstad

Peggy has had the opportunity to work in some amazing roles over past 25 years.  From an audiologist to becoming the owner of a vending machine company, to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at the university level and then to children in secondary school. She spent her summers after teaching diving into organic farming and since her retirement has devoted her entire focus towards life on the farm.

Peggy is a amazing farm operations manager.  She literally runs the farm. Beyond soil testing, leak repairing, weeding on her hands and knees, (it is an organic farm after all!) learning all about equipment maintenance – she literally sings to the plants to encourage them to grow!

You can find her throughout the summer hard at work in the fields – or, out playing pickleball!  In the winter she enjoys spending time skiing and researching for ways to help the Organic Aronia Berries reach their fullest potential.


Ron Ramstad

Ron likes to tell anyone who will listen that he is an Iowa boy through and through.  Growing up detasseling corn in the summers, one of his dreams was to own a farm when he grew up.

Ron spent 35 years working in the organic deli meat industry.  He specialized in creating private-label organic meat that was sold in grocery stores up and down the East Coast.  He specialized in establishing new and innovative ways to create deli meat with less ingredients and less filler (IE less water & carrageen). His goal was for the end consumer to get better quality food! In addition, his knowledge in understanding the Organic processes is invaluable in helping Naturao.

Ron enjoys spending time with family, helping navigate and manage large-scale projects and  mountain biking. Although he will add that he has a bit of a mixed relationship with mountain biking as he has broken a few bones the last few times he has made it out with his son Erik.


The Beginnings…

Just Some of the Journey

Currently At The Farm…

Some Photos From more recently